Favorite Games
North America, South America True/False
Running Dodge Ball Sharks and Minnows
Bombardment Chariot Race
Cart Race Protect the President
Steal the Bacon Slap, Clap, Snap
All Games
4-Square Cart Race Jackpot Slap, Clap, Snap
Alaskan Baseball Categories Jump Rope Sleepy Sheep
Backs to Balloons Chariot Race Laps Snakes Tail
Balloon Basketball Dragon Team Limbo Snowball Fight
Balloon Bat Elbow Tag Marble Gauntlet Sprint Pin Pickup
Balloon Pop Everybody's It Tag Mousetrap Spud
Basket Relay Flashlight Relay North America, South America Steal the Bacon
Basketball Dribble Football Pass Obstacle Course Stepping Stones
Basketball Relay Football Toss Ping-Pong Balance Sticky Apple
Beanbag Relay Four Corners Ping-Pong Blow Streets and Alleys
Beanbag Balance Frisbee "Golf" Protect the President The Hand Game
Beanbag Relay Frisbee Toss Red light Green light The Wheelbarrow
Beanbag Slide Frustrating Numbers Reflex Game Three-Person Relay
Beanbag Toss into Net Go Deep Rescue Relay Three-legged Race
Beat the Bunny Hazard Ball Rug Race Tiger in the Corner
Blob Tag Hook-Arms Race Running Dodge Ball Triangle Tag
Bombardment Hot Potato Sack Race True/False
Bonkers Hula-Hoop Chain Sharks and Minnows Tug-O-War
Books of the Bible In and Out Shipwreck Two-Person Relay
Bowling Indian Chief Shoe Kick Whirligig Relay

The games on this list are compiled from four AWANA game books and www.ultimatecampresource.com.